Stairways Software Announces Keyboard Maestro 9.0

Stairways Software Pty Ltd announces Keyboard Maestro 9.0, a new version of its powerful productivity enhancer for macOS. Keyboard Maestro can help improve almost every aspect of using your Mac. Version 9.0 adds support for Dark Mode, multiple editor windows, JSON, OCR, Stream Deck, and extended regex, as well as adding triggers, many actions, more palette themes, enhancing the editor and the clipboard switcher, improving performance, and more.

Updated fmRESTor for FileMaker Server 18

24U Software announces a new version of the open-source PHP library designed for PHP developers to easily integrate their code with the RESTful FileMaker Data API without having to learn the FileMaker Data API itself. The new version brings support for all new features added to the FileMaker Data API with the recent release of FileMaker Server 18, while maintaining full compatibility with the FileMaker Server 17 Data API as well.

Proverbidioms 2.0 released for IOS - Everyday English Idioms

Long View Labs Limited announces Proverbidioms 2.0.0 for IOS. Proverbidioms is based on the famous Proverbidioms series of paintings by American artist T. E. Breitenbach that illustrate hundreds of everyday English idioms. The aim of the game is for players to find as many idioms as they can using a built-in guided list. Version 2.0.0 has been totally redesigned from the ground up with new and improved graphics and gameplay, an all-new reward system, and more. Proverbidioms 2.0.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

LogMonitor for Server Administrators

24U Software announces LogMonitor for server administrators. This open-source tool can watch (not only) FileMaker(R) Server logs and send e-amail and push notifications when something important appears there. In addition to sending e-mails, LogMonitor can send also push notifications to the admin's smart phone via popular cloud service Pushover.

20Levels Match Puzzle for iOS - Get Discounts and Win Luxury Gifts.

Entrepreneur Huda Al Enezi announces 20Levels - Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 for iOS. 20Levels makes winning different levels of the popular color-matching mobile game "real". Players are not just garnering points, they are also winning coupons that they can use for shopping at various popular retail stores. If players don't want coupons, they can choose a "Mystery Box" that, when they win, may contain anything from a smartphone or tablet to branded clothes. 20Levels - Match Puzzles & Win 1.0.10 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Focus Dashcam Organizer for Tesla(R) Dashcams Released

Boundary Labs announces Focus Dashcam Organizer for macOS(R) with organizational features such as a built-in calendar and the ability to flag videos from your Tesla(R). Videos are automatically stitched together to provide a view of all cameras at once, and individual videos can be clicked to examine a specific camera angle while the video is playing. Adjust the speed of videos from 0 to 10x. Works with videos produced by both HW 2.5 and 3. Support for full screen and dark mode. Built for macOS(R) 10.13 and higher. Focus Dashcam Organizer is $4.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

Silly Memory - The first CDO Apps puzzle is out now

CDO Apps announces Silly Memory 2.2, an update to their free puzzle game for iOS and Android. Silly Memory revisits the concept of the Match-pairs Memory game, combining dynamic gameplay to a humorously-narrated adventure in space. Play as Gorzbul, an alien who is trying to find a path to Earth, intercepting transmissions sent through space by the Humans. Version 2.2 brings many tweaks and balances to the gameplay to improve in-game experience. Silly Memory 2.2 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

WAVE S1 - New High Performance Wireless Earbuds to Take on the Market Leader

AirEarbud introduces WAVE S1, its first earbuds on their e-store to take on the market leader, Apple's Airpods. AirEarbud aims at designing products that are clean, friendly, and above all, simple to use - a set of principles that Apple also adopts to separate its products from the rest. WAVE S1 invites users to discover a freedom of expression in sound, style and movement with innovations like HIFI Superior sound and intuitive touch control.

Top Speed 2 grabs pole position as it races in the App Store

T-Bull S.A. releases Top Speed 2, the sequel to their hit street racing title for iOS. Players can enter the underground world of street racing for free. Top Speed 2 boasts 71 cars, each with seven points of customization to unlock, customise and upgrade, as well as an expansive 90's style action movie campaign story to complete across 3 city environments. Take on both the AI and other players online in fierce head-to-head battles. Top Speed 2 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Typinator 8.1 refines the text expander Typinator 8

Ergonis Software announces Typinator 8.1, an improved version of their highly acclaimed text expander. for macOS.Typinator is a powerful, yet elegantly simple solution that automates the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. The new version refines the recently released major version 8.0, which introduced a new statistics mode, Magic Keys, a new graphical mini menu bar, integration with PopChar, and much more. Typinator 8.1 is EUR 24.99 and can be downloaded from their website.