Media Sync Tool released for Final Cut Pro

Vitalii Vashchenko introduces Media Sync Tool, a new syncing tool for Apple Final Cut Pro. Media Sync Tool was developed specifically for professional video editing in Final Cut Pro. Video editors can eliminate the time-consuming routine of manually syncing media. Media Sync Tool is a perfect pair for Apple Final Cut Pro. It comes with an extension that embeds directly into the Final Cut Pro user interface, so video editors can sync media without ever leaving the NLE.

Zevrix Solutions releases LinkOptimizer for InDesign

Zevrix Solutions has released LinkOptimizer 6.0.15, a maintenance update to their image workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer saves pre press operators and graphic designers hours of manual processing through automatic InDesign link size reduction and image properties conversion. This useful utility works automatically with Photoshop to perform essential image adjustments, convert image formats, and eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links,

Metamotifs introduces Auxl to Test, and Develop APIs on the Mac

Metamotifs introduces Auxl 1.0.10, their popular native API client for macOS. This native API client for macOS provides a powerful node-based system that offers a whole new way to organize, test, and develop APIs. It supports a wide range of standards, schemes and protocols. Developers can pick and choose from an extensive toolkit of modules, providing a flexible method of interacting with APIs of any complexity, using any combination of REST, GraphQL and WebSocket sources.

Boom 2 released for macOS

Global Delight released Boom 2 v1.7.0, an important update to their flagship audio application for macOS. Boom 2 was specifically designed to handle everything from the most basic audio settings to the extreme necessities of audiophiles. With optimal rendering of pristine audio using its signature modes and intelligent DSP algorithms, Boom 2 has been the best companion app of Mac users for years. Boom 2's high-end audio effects like Night Mode, Fidelity, Spatial, and Ambience have already earned a great reputation among Mac users.

Dejal releases Simon 5.0 for macOS

Dejal Systems, LLC has released Simon 5.0, their server monitoring tool for macOS. Simon checks web pages, FTP and DNS servers, local or remote ports or volumes, and other services for changes or failures, and notifies you via email, sound, speech, Twitter, SMS, HTML reports, and other means. Ypu can use filters to avoid dynamic content and detect changes in the output of the service and other filters. You can also look at multiple portions, and easily find via simple text matching or powerful regular expressions and much more.