Art Channel Valentines enjoy with $2 billion in art

Art Authority, creators of the line of classic art-viewing apps for Apple devices, has announced new Valentine's-themed shows for their "Art Channel" on Apple TV. The new "Highest Priced" show lets lovers gift each other paintings worth over two billion dollars, while a new "Valentine's Day Inspirations" show lets them view a selection of classic romantic works. As with all Art Channel shows, HD-quality images enable a museum-like viewing experience. Art Authority is $9.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Placeboard 1.0 released for iOS- Your Favorite Places in Your Pocket

Quentin Mathe releases Placeboard 1.0.1, his new lifestyle app for iOS devices. Placeboard is a personal organizer to remember places and share them with friends. Featuring a fluid user experience, a big focus on privacy, and undo/redo support, Placeboard makes it really easy to organize restaurants, shops, natural sites, and many other places we stumble upon in our daily life or while travelling. Easily make quick notes and pictures about any location and tag them. Placeboard 1.0.1 is $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Output Factory Improves Flash SWF and PostScript Export

Zevrix Solutions releases Output Factory 1.5.44, a maintenance update to its output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory automates printing, exporting, preflighting and file delivery from InDesign. It offers an array of time saving options such as batch processing, export as single pages, variable file names, layer versioning, PDF preflight, FTP delivery and more. The new version improves reliability of InDesign file conversion to PostScript and Flash SWF formats. Output Factory 1.5.44 is $169.95 and can be downloaded from their website.

SOSmart Automatic Car Crash Detection updated for iOS

SOSmart SpA announces SOSmart automatic car crash detection 2.4.8, an update to their popular app utility developed for iOS. SOSmart uses the internal sensors of a regular smartphone to automatically detect if the user has been involved in severe car accident. The app then sends the location of the crash to predefined emergency contacts, allowing them to call emergency services for them even if they can't. Version 2.4.8 fixes several minor bugs. SOSmart automatic car crash detection 2.4.8 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Proud Time Management App updated for iOS and Apple Watch

Piotr Szwach announces Proud 1.1, the important update to his popular gesture-based time management app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. This app allows busy individuals to take back control of their time by helping them view and manage important tasks, set reminders, and view accomplishments, building the habits that lead to better productivity. Version 1.1 features community-created congratulatory audio messages in English that play when the user completes a task. Proud 1.1 is $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

WhatsApp and Facebook Groups Share HD Images & Video

Teamplace improves file sharing in WhatsApp and Facebook groups. Instead of just compressed images, instant messenger groups now access an unlimited cloud where they securely share their images and videos in HD quality, with no loss of quality. Anyone who is a member of the group can upload content. Videos and images can be uploaded without any size limit. Transmission of images and videos is secure. Teamplace 7.11.18 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

FOR neXtSoft releases Kittens Vs. Zombies 1.0 for iOS

FOR neXtSoft introduces Kittens Vs. Zombies 1.0, their new game title for iOS devices. Kittens vs. Zombies provides the ultimate in feline ordinance, allowing players to deliver deadly cats directly onto the undead. To beat back the seemingly endless horde, players must kill zombies using various weapons, such as the Catling Gun, Cat-a-pult or even the Meowitzer Cannon. Fight through 10 levels consisting of 3 mission types to help the cats save the human race! Kittens Vs. Zombies 1.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

New Appiness iOS app new marketing guide

Bright Newt has given iOS developers a step-by-step plan for effectively marketing their apps. Marketing is what separates the winners from the losers in the App Store. Plenty of free information on app marketing already exists, but the new Appiness guide from With cost-per-acquisition numbers trending upward over the past six months, Appiness couldn't come at a better time. A how-to marketing guide for turning duds into profitable apps.

Sugar Coded Apps unveils Official Countdown

Sugar Coded Apps launches Official Countdown, a website full of free online timers. Each digital timer counts down to an anticipated event and even can be saved as a self contained mobile app to an iOS or Android device home screen. Currently the site has internet countdown clocks counting down the days, minutes, hours, and seconds to events such as the next Star Wars movie, Tax Day, Christmas 2016, holidays, and seasons. Custom personal or business event pages can be made by request at the site.

Candid Connection is now available for iOS

Candid Connection Ltd. introduces Candid Connection 1.0, their new social networking app developed for iOS. Candid Connection offers anyone the opportunity to increase their self-awareness by exchanging honest feedback with their friends. The app aims to encourage genuine and personable communication while protecting privacy. Users are able to publicly, or anonymously, exchange feedback with your Facebook friends, view/like/comment on feedback and so much more. Candid Connection 1.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.