Reggie Ashworth releases VidConvert 1.6.4 - Video Conversion made Easy

Reggie Ashworth has announced VidConvert 1.6.4, an update to his popular video converter for Mac OS X. VidConvert is a video converter designed to make converting your videos simple and easy. VidConvert will convert just about any type of video into one of the many popular formats of today. Creating videos for your iPhone or iPad, for your Mac or TV, or formats such as DivX and MPEG are just a click away with VidConvert. VidConvert 1.6.4 is $7.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Families of Grey Nomads now know where their parents are

Outback Touring announces Caravan Australia 1.2, an update to their popular travel app for iPad. Targeting couples and families respectively, Caravan Australia enables travelers to draw their route by dropping location pins with dates on a detailed map of Australia and then automatically share this, together with a daily journal, photos and their current location with family back home or new friends met while traveling. Version 1.2 fixed a minor bug and added a new Report feature. Caravan Australia 1.2 is $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

TruGlyph App released to Create Crowdsourced Global Visual Language

TruScribe announces TruGlyph 2.0, its free iOS app that lets anyone create glyphs, images that animate as if drawn, and tag them with words and context. TruGlyph gives people worldwide the ability to communicate visually using these building blocks of visual language. Anyone can create a glyph that is meaningful to them or their life, then they or others can tag them with representative words, and the community decides the rest. Version 2.0 offers new games and badging. TruGlyph 2.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Super Boy Land Provides People With Fun Entertainment for iOS

Duo-Pisces releases Super Boy Land 1.2, their super adventure platform game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Super Boy Land is a classic retro and super old school platform game similar to Super Mario Bros. Jump and run with your Super Boy through this classic side-scrolling adventure! Offering 5 retro arcade and beautiful worlds to unlock, Super Boy Land features 100 challenging and jumpy levels with increasing difficulty with awesome sounds and music. Super Boy Land 1.2 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

LifeFlix releases LifeFlix Pro Version 1.5

LifeFlix announces the release of LifeFlix Pro 1.5. LifeFlix is the simplest way to watch, protect, and share your video tape memories. This Mac app was created to import all your DV, HDV, and Digital Hi8 tapes. Users merely plug a video camera into their computer, and LifeFlix eagerly grabs all the videos and organizes them into a simple catalog. LifeFlix is designed to have no learning curve and just import your MiniDV or HDV tapes to your computer. LifeFlix Pro 1.5 is $29.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Jr's Mad Dash for iOS and Apple TV

DigitalSummit.TV Inc introduces Jr's Mad Dash 1.0 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices. Jr's Mad Dash is an action adventure game for all ages. Run with Junior in Jr's Mad Dash! With only his wits, a vicious right hook and his amazing rocket boots, Junior must traverse a gauntlet of skeletons, zombies, and monsters. Along the way you will pick up gems, treasures and see breathtaking landscapes. Jr's Mad Dash 1.0 is $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

iCarMode 3.4 released for iOS - Designed for Drivers

Diego Resnik announces iCarMode 3.4, an update to his popular productivity app for iOS devices. iCarMode is a driving optimized app that allows safer use of any mounted iPhone with minimum distraction. The app has large buttons that allow easy and safe access to music, shortcut for dialing, preferred GPS app as well as other car and driving related functionality. For older cars, it's an ideal substitute for built-in dashboard systems that more recent cars offer. iCarMode 3.4 is $1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

A Kissing Keyboard For Valentine's Day? - Show Your Love

The Berzapp Lab releases Keyboard Maker by Better Keyboards 2.0, an update to their popular app utility for iOS devices. Featuring one-click pre-designed themes and dozens of funny sound effects, Better Keyboards is full of beautiful and funny options for users to have more laughs and impress their friends. Free for Valentine's Day, version 2.0 includes an easy-to-use keyboard maker so users can create beautiful keyboards with wild and hilarious sound effects. Better Keyboards 2.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Glob Trotters - new gelatinous, glob-grabbing skill game on iOS

Fliptus Pty Ltd announces Glob Trotters - Endless Arcade Blobber 1.3, their new game developed for iOS. Glob Trotters combines rich, bouncy graphics with simple, one-finger gameplay to challenge your concentration. Join a lone jelly traveller on its journey around a tiny planet, switching colors to match the oncoming blobs to survive as long as possible, and collect coins to unlock a cast of adorable jelly travellers! Glob Trotters - Endless Arcade Blobber 1.3 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

TimeTag updated - Start timers automatically with your location

Capparsa releases TimeTag 5.4, an update to their popular productivity app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. TimeTag is a time management tool designed for on-the-go freelancers and people who want to track their time quickly and easily. It offers simple time keeping with powerful results. TimeTag brings everything you would want from a time sheet just a few taps away. Version 5.4 offers automatic location based timers to those who upgraded to the Pro version of the app. TimeTag 5.4 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.