dripgrind announced the release of Mindly for Mac

dripgrind releases Mindly 1.1 for Mac, a companion to its popular Mindly app for iOS devices. Mindly keeps your inner universe organized by giving a structure to your thoughts, ideas, plans and projects. Users can capture their ideas on-the-go with the mobile version of Mindly, and easily elaborate them further with all the conveniences of a desktop environment such as multiple windows, full-size keyboard and large screen estate. Mindly is $29.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

The Blind Stealing the Blinds: The Best Card Game for the Sight Impaired

ThetaPhone releases THETA Poker Pro 1.8.3, an update to their popular Texas Holdem game for iOS devices and Apple TV. THETA Poker Pro, one of the best card games for blind and visually impaired iPhone and iPad users, is even bigger and better on the new fourth generation Apple TV. THETA Poker Pro was already the strongest, fastest, and most configurable Texas Hold'em game for iOS. Now poker players can also have fun improving their skills on Apple TV.

Number One Drinking Game Drink-O-Tron Launches New Game Decks

Prodigal Creative announces Drink-O-Tron takes the best aspects of various drinking games and combines them with the advanced technology & anytime, anywhere convenience of the modern app world. Users start by selecting a deck that fits their mood, such as Wager, Drunkard, Tipsy, Flirty, Mischief, Rulemaster, Pants on Fire, Accents, Categories, Survival, Never/Ever, Truth or Dare, and several more. Version 2.8 containing new game decks, and Android users can join the never-ending Drink-O-Tron party.

Progress Graphs Releases Lifestyle Visualization and Growth App

Progress Graphs Inc. releases Progress Graphs 1.0.1, their namesake productivity app for iOS and Android devices. Perfect for tracking career path or transition, achieving goals, creating to-do/action list, making attractive visual resume and more, Progress Graphs is a well thought out, simple and user-friendly mobile tool that helps visualize things important in your life. The app features 17 well designed themes fulfilling different necessities and to help anyone to plan, visualize and grow.

BlaBla Connect Updated with New Features

BlaBla Connect Ltd. releases BlaBla Connect 2.0.1, an important update to their globally popular talk, chat, text and phone top-up app for iOS and Android devices. BlaBla Connect lets users make HD voice calls, chat with contacts, send SMS text messages, and add top-up credits to their own or anyone else's mobile phone in a single click. The latest version includes several new features and performance improvements, and is optimized to work on multiple devices.

Impaled, a beautiful action platform game for iOS

Choofun Games releases Impaled 1.0, a beautiful and fast paced single tap platform game on iOS devices. In this one touch platformer, Impaled lets the player jump, glide or fly through a sequence of short but challenging levels. Develop your skill and take your hero ever further. New levels and playing styles keep you constantly on the edge. This is the game all jumping games want to grow up to be! The levels are hand crafted in 3D with high resolution textures and advanced lighting. Impaled is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

MileWiz 2 allows you to get thousands off your taxes, automatically

SilverWiz today announces MileWiz 2.1, a major update to their popular automatic mileage tracker for iPhone. Designed for people driving their personal car for business purposes, MileWiz generates IRS-proof mileage logs, and helps claim tax deductions after qualifying miles. Traditionally people had to categorize each trip as business or personal. MileWiz 2 introduces automation that allows customers to predefine rules for automatic categorization making everything automatic. MileWiz 2.1 is completely free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Top eTennis Players Compete with Flick Tennis Online in an Australian Tennis Event

Rolocule releases the Top 10 eTennis players of 2015. Top eTennis players are competing in the Online Australia tournament in Flick Tennis Online 1.6, the online multiplayer game for iOS devices. These eTennis players have developed sophisticated skills to compete with extensive practice and training, just like regular tennis. Flick Tennis Online offers the most authentic tennis experience with its super intuitive controls and multiplayer technology in 9 tennis courts. Flick Tennis Online is completely free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Are You Being Wiretapped? Private & Secure VOIP Released

MK Art Technology today Are You Being Wiretapped? 100% Anonymous, Private & Secure VOIP Released announces Ghost Phone 1.1, an update to their popular social networking app developed for iPhone devices. The ultimate in personal or business privacy, Ghost Phone offers instant text messaging, free VoiP voice calls, photo and video sharing that's virtually impossible to hack. That means communications can't be intercepted, subpoenaed or seized because they leave absolutely no digital footprint to trace. Version 1.1 introduces a new GUI. Ghost Phone 1.1 is only Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

SoundSoap+ adds more audio restoration tools and features

Soundness today releases SoundSoap+, an update that is based on the award-winning SoundSoap audio noise reduction software for Mac and Windows. SoundSoap+ includes all the features of SoundSoap, and provides several powerful additional controls for pinpoint accuracy in audio restoration work. Additional features and controls include a broadband range control, a downward expander, new tone enhancement presets, hum harmonics control, low and high-cut filters, and thresholds for Track and downward expanders. SoundSoap+ 5.0 is only $249 and can be downloaded from their website.