Globally Acclaimed Business App - Ninox Database Updated

Ninox Software GmbH releases Ninox Database 1.6.0, an update to its database-powered business app maker for iPad. Ninox enables anyone to rapidly create robust, fully-functional databases for business or personal applications. The app comes with a large set of useful templates. Users have the freedom to customize database layouts and form designs per their unique needs with easy drag-and-drop tools. Version 1.6 sports a refreshed UI design with lots of under-the-hood optimizations. Ninox Database is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Join our Webinar - How to create a Killer Launch Plan for your App

Dot Com Infoway on 6th April 2016 is organizing a webinar , "How to create a killer launch plan for your App." DCI has been contributing to the developer community through informative whitepapers, handy e-books, easy to use infographics, insightful videos and webinars on topics critical to developers across the world. With 100 successful launches credited to the company, through this informative webinar, DCI will help developers achieve that perfect "launch."

WeFriends - A Fun Social Network on a Serious Mission Campaign

The WeFriends Team announces their new Kickstarter Campaign for Wefriends for iOS, an exciting new social network that not only connects you to your friends, but actually helps you meet new friends that are just like you. WeFriends is creative, enabling you to text or post with or without backgrounds, photos, videos, live streaming, events or communities. You can video connect live with up to four users. You can choose where to post or who can see your post.

ADATHA Ad Network Launches ADATHA PRO

ADATHA has announced the launch of ADATHA PRO, a new Demand Side Platform. ADATHA intelligently matches advertisers with the publishers that are best suited to their needs. ADATHA PRO allows advertisers and publishers to obtain the full benefit of the tremendous boom in online advertising with a powerful platform that incorporates a real-time bidding system and a self-service dashboard for easily managing mobile ad campaigns.

Air Printer Enables AirPrint from iOS a Breeze

Flyingbee Software releases Air Printer - Print to Any Printer 1.9, the latest update to their popular print utility for OS X. Users of Macbook and iMac can use them as virtual printers and share it with their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices to print wirelessly everything they want. Air Printer lets users print documents straight from their mobile devices onto any type of printer, utilize helpful print preview options, and print a wide assortment of document types. Air Printer is $39.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

iClassics turns Oscar Wilde into Interactive Tales

iClassics Productions S.L is proud to introduce iWilde Collection 1.0 for iOS, its fourth collection of reinvented classics featuring the Irish aesthete Oscar Wilde. Step into a universe where flowers, trees and statues are living, breathing creatures that bear witness to how beauty and kindheartedness can suffer in a cruel world. Ready your senses for an unforgettable palette of colors and sensations, where imagination and interactivity combine to give you a literary experience like no other. iWilde Collection is $1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Cheery Network iOS App Counteracts Cyber Bullying

Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. is proud to introduce Cheery Network 0.9.18 for iOS, a new app that aims to solve the problem of negativity. This social networking platform will mitigate negativity and focus only on positive postings. Users can enjoy the fun of adding positive and encouraging words, posts and comments to the App. They can gain levels and share posts with friends and family to help fuel the Cheery Movement. Users can also report negativity and flag bad posts. Cheery Network is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Canada's GP Traveler is available on Magzter

Attention Formula One enthusiasts around the globe, GP Traveler partners with Magzter, the world's largest digital magazine newsstand. Each issue of GP Traveler is packed with exciting information from the Formula One World and exclusive interviews with legendary as well as spirited young racers. The latest issue of GP Traveler features many interesting articles such as The return of Renault, Melbourne by rail, and 2016 Unveilings + Testing and more. Magzter is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Transform your iPhone into a personal trainer with Updown Fitness

Updown Technologies, Inc. releases updated Updown Fitness 1.5.0, their free personal workout trainer developed for iOS. Bored with your same old gym routines? Then Updown Fitness is for you. This app helps anyone from beginners to experts create, perform, and share the perfect workout. Easily create workouts from scratch by choosing from over 1500 fully animated exercises at your fingertips. Or, have Updown create a workout for you, just like a real personal trainer. Updown Fitness is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

iOS Mobile Game Brings Fun to the US Presidential Race

LumEnrich Inc. introduces Clash of Candidates 2016, their fun new game title developed for iOS and Android devices. Clash of Candidates 2016 lets players support their favorite presidential candidate by piloting the candidate to victory in a classic dots and boxes game. Players can choose to play as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz and beat their opponents by drawing straight lines between dots. The candidate with the most completed boxes wins. Clash of Candidates 2016 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.