Nano Enterprise Management for Small Business available for OS X

Erziman Asaliyev announces the release of Nano Enterprise Management for Mac OS X 3.3, an important update to his fully-featured and intuitive management app designed exclusively for small businesses. The app makes it easy to manage purchase orders, sales, suppliers, warehouses, and inventory without any special training. Version 3.3 adds new default values for specifications to goods, shipment and calculations, as well as minor bug fixes. Nano Enterprise Management is $14.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

Neo Pacifica releases Fairy Tale Limericks for iOS

Neo Pacifica releases Fairy Tale Limericks 1.3, the first in a series of children's apps for iOS & Apple TV. Fairy Tale Limericks engages children in interactive storytelling, exploration & discovery, creativity and a unique multilingual experience featuring Limericks spoken in multiple languages. Designed for ages 4 to 10, children interact with Klaus the Dragon, Ruby the Red Hen and a whole cast of characters as they turn pages in search of hidden treasures, exploring land, sea & air. Fairy Tale Limericks is $3.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Lettermash is a Challenging and Addictive Turn-by-Turn Word Game

Graphite Fusion has announced Lettermash 1.1.6, an update to their turn-based word battle game for iOS devices. Featuring an ideal blend of tactics, strategy and timing, Lettermash lets users engage in an epic battle of wits against family, friends and other players around the world. It starts by presenting all users with a 5x5 grid of letters. From there, players proceed in a turn-by-turn manner to connect adjacent letters, and spell as many words as possible during the time allotted. Lettermash is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Are You a Mindful Traveller? Check Out Travel Mate

Leakka has released Travel Mate 1.3, their trustful travel assistant for iOS devices. Travel Mate provides the tools necessary to help users stay in control of their money while traveling the world. Set your trip's budget in your preferred currency, and record your expenses on the fly in any of the 153 foreign currencies. The built-in image repository has also a fullscreen image viewer with support for pinch and zoom gestures. And so much more. Travel Mate is $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Futuriana: Pentix-like puzzle for iOS

Hovik Melikyan introduces Futuriana 1.0, his new Tetris/Pentix-like puzzle developed for iOS. Stylized as a vintage computer with a glitchy B&W display, Futuriana offers 5-cube pieces specifically designed for playing on touch devices. It is a timed game with level-ups that occur at regular intervals. So it is more beneficial to play as fast as you can at all times. Players are rewarded graciously for removing more than one line at a time. Futuriana is $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

PlayPlaces - Ultimate Kids Road Trip App Updated

AppAvenger has released PlayPlaces 2.0, an update to their Ultimate Kids Road Trip App for iOS. Showing the locations of thousands of restaurants with play structures for kids and rest areas for the traveling family, PlayPlaces Ultimate Kids Road Trip App is a must have companion for those long rides with small children. No need to remember how many miles the last next rest area sign said, a quick glance at the app and users can know if they can make it or need to get off at the next exit. PlayPlaces 2.0 is $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

All-In-One Document Manager for iOS Coming Soon

Pilcrow AG announces their up-and-coming release of Document Manager - Scan Edit Convert, a new app that will allow anyone to complete office tasks without having leaving the app. Document Manager will be able to display files and documents, to create and edit documents, to share files and documents and last not least, to convert them into file formats that most everyone can read without a hassle, regardless the type of device it is displayed. It will be launched in the next 2 weeks.

CurbAppeal brings Real Estate photography to iOS

East Coast Pixels, Inc. announces CurbAppeal 1.0.1, a Real Estate photography app developed for iOS devices. CurbAppeal is designed for Airbnb hosts or professional realtors who need to take compelling photos to promote their properties in the rental or sales markets. Photos are the primary marketing materials for online real estate sites and good photography results in increased rental frequency or more purchase offers. CurbAppeal 1.0.1 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

iKlips DUO Campaign on Indiegogo launched by Adam Elements

Adam Elements is proud to announce the launch of its iKlips DUO campaign on Indiegogo. The iKlips DUO is not only faster and more robust, but also comes with the intuitive iKlips 2.0 app that allows you to organize your files, share them across all your devices and use them on the go as you like it. Available in four vivid colours and four storage capacities, iKlips DUO provides you with the necessary extra storage to keep your photos, music and games organized on the go.