AustinSoft Releases Day-n-Night Global

AustinSoft announces Day-n-Night 7.0 for iOS and tvOS. Day-n-Night is a beautiful, customizable world clock, showing the world as it is between day and night. Easily see the lights show through at dusk and fade away at dawn. Users can also zoom in to the map to get a better view of that area of the map. Version 7.0 adds new machine-assisted translations, performance improvements and resolved minor issues. Day-n-Night 7.0 is $1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

SpeedScriber for Mac - adds five new languages and enhanced captions export

Digital Heaven announces the launch of SpeedScriber 2.0 for macOS, a major update to the automated transcription app designed for professional content creators. SpeedScriber provides amazingly accurate transcripts from audio or video files at insanely fast speeds. Version 2.0 adds many new and useful features including support for Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages as well as export to iTunes Timed Text for creation of captions with the latest version of Final Cut Pro X. SpeedScriber 2.0 is Free and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

myAlarm Clock for iOS - Customize Your Wake Up & Alarm Clock Experience

Appgeneration introduces myAlarm Clock 1.0, their new customizable alarm clock for iOS. More than just an alarm clock, myAlarm Clock offers many features that allow you to customize your wake up experience. You can have the pleasure of waking up to your favorite radio stations, podcasts, music, recorded sounds, ringtones, relaxing sounds, or to the talking clock that informs you about the time, weather, the news and so much more. myAlarm Clock 1.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

DEVONsphere Express for macOS with performance and search enhancements

DEVONtechnologies announces DEVONsphere Express 1.9.1, an update to its free desktop search assistant for macOS. Highly context-aware, DEVONsphere Express runs as a menulet and indexes documents and other data in the background. It focuses automatically on what the user is working on and finds related documents, email messages, web pages, and more. Version 1.9.1 offers performance-related enhancements, AFPS support works works better with ePub books and searches PDF annotations and forms. DEVONsphere Express 1.9.1 is $9.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

Sparkle for macOS Invites Visual Thinkers and Print Designers to the Web

River SRL releases Sparkle 2.5.3, a significant update to their powerful visual web design application for macOS. Sparkle allows anyone to create beautiful, modern, bespoke websites, ignoring HTML, CSS and most technical details. The app uses a WYSIWYG freeform layout, letting users showcase their content without being restricted by predefined templates or canned components. Version 2.5.3 introduces effortless DTP-level text layout control. Sparkle 2.5.3 is Free and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

PhoneRescue Can Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Passwords

iMobie announces that its cutting-edge data recovery software, PhoneRescue 3.7.0 for both Mac and PC, is now able to recover forgotten iTunes backup passwords. For those iPhone users who forgot their iTunes backup passwords, PhoneRescue can easily help them get access to their encrypted backups no matter how complicated the password is, as well as restore photos, messages, contacts and other essentials from the backups successfully. PhoneRescue 3.7.0 is $49.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Success Coach for iOS - Empowers You to Focus, Plan & Achieve Your Life Goals

Success Wizard, Inc. announces the releases of a complete redesign of its comprehensive life coaching system recommended by iOS users worldwide to help develop a plan and accomplish important goals, track progress, and make positive life changes. This latest release with Success Coach 5.5 adds powerful new features including the ability to share goals and plans with friends or colleagues, establish new habits, daily planning tools, personal journal and notepad, integration with Apple and Google Calendars, offline mode, and more. Success Coach 5.5 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

MileBug for iOS adds new MileBug Cloud powered by Google Firebase

Izatt Apps releases MileBug 3.6 for iOS, an update to the popular GPS mile tracker. The new MileBug Cloud that comes with 3.6 is powered by Google Firebase for greater stability and reliability. It replaces the old cloud that had data issues. Previous cloud users get to create a new account for free. MileBug is a beautiful mile tracker app that makes it easy to track your tax deductible mileage on your mobile device. Come tax time, it's easy to export the trip log into beautiful reports. MileBug 3.6 is $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Fossils for macOS released by Obvious Matter

Obvious Matter announces Fossils 1.1.1 for macOS. Fossils helps you clean up old and unused files from your computer. Quickly browse through your old stuff and preview the file's contents. The decide if you want to archive or delete using easy to use keyboard shortcuts. Fossils supports previewing a large number of file types, including images, movies, PDF, Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers, Keynote documents, zip files, and much more. Fossils 1.1.1 is $4.99 and can be downloaded from Mac App Store.

Discover Plate Tectonics - new iPad apps from Tasa Graphic Arts

Tasa Graphic Arts, Inc. releases three new iPad apps that provide a thorough introduction to the theory of plate tectonics. Discovering Continental Drift app introduces Wegener's continental drift hypothesis. Probing Earth's Interior app describes the internal structure of Earth. Discovering Plate Tectonics app illustrates how studies of the ocean floor led to the discovery of the plate tectonics theory. These apps help encourage higher-order thinking skills and so much more.