Artes Electronics releases NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 for iOS

Easily find a suspicious mole in 20 seconds from the comfort of your home! Artes Electronics has released NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 for iOS and Android, an app to help diagnose skin cancer/melanoma at home. NOTA Mole Tracker allows you to detect the slightest changes in moles, as well as quickly making the decision about seeking a diagnosis from a dermatologist. NOTA measurements are absolutely safe, and can be used when measuring moles in children, the elderly and pregnant women.

FoxTrot Search 7.1 released for macOS

CTM Development has released FoxTrot Search 7.1 for macOS. FoxTrot Search offers the fastest, most precise and reliable way to find what you are looking for in PDF, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and 300 other document types indexed on a Mac. It is available in Personal, Professional, Server editions, with an optional app to enjoy similar searching of index files complete with embedded PDF, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email content on iOS and iPadOS.

LinkOptimizer Now Supports The Apple Silicon M1 Processor

Zevrix Solutions has released LinkOptimizer 6.0.18, a compatibility update to its image workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer liberates InDesign users from time-consuming repetitive tasks through automation of complex image manipulation processes. This utility works automatically with Photoshop to eliminate the excess image data of InDesign links, perform essential image adjustments such as color conversion and sharpening, and convert image formats.

Aquarius Computer releases AppSwitcher 1.0 for macOS

Aquarius Computer introduces AppSwitcher 1.0 for macOS. Similar to the Hide Others command, AppSwitcher is a new menu item that allows you to switch to one application at a time. AppSwitcher allows you to maintain a clean desktop for beautiful presentation of your Apps. It is always out of your way, dock-less and implemented as a Menu Item. Just like using an iPad or iPhone on your Mac, it can be set to open at login and temporarily disabled for things like dragging and dropping between apps.

Houdah Software releases HoudahGeo 6.1 for macOS

Houdah Software has released HoudahGeo 6.1, a major upgrade to their photo geotagging tool for macOS. Popular among travelers and professionals alike, HoudahGeo tags photos with location coordinates and related metadata. Standard EXIF, XMP, and IPTC geotags allow cataloging tools to organize and find photos by location. This incredibly useful app works with JPEG and RAW files as well as photos in Apple Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, and Adobe Lightroom Classic libraries.