Output Factory Expands Variable Subfolder Name Capabilities For InDesign

Zevrix Solutions has released Output Factory 2.4.52, a feature update to their output automation tool for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory solves the problem of time consuming manual production from InDesign through automation of printing, exporting, preflighting, layer versioning and other repetitive tasks. Version 2.4.52 adds new options to the output subfolder tree engine. This allows users to automatically create output locations based on variable data in InDesign documents. Output Factory 2.4.52 is $170 and can be downloaded from their Website.

MacWeb offers their Mac mini Compute Cloud on Apple Silicon

MacWeb has just rolled out their Mac mini Compute Cloud platform on Apple Silicon. This is an Internet cloud service renting on-demand compute capacity using dedicated Apple M1 Mac mini computers. MacWeb's Compute Cloud combines the hardware and software advantages of a dedicated Mac mini server with the low cost and instant deployment of cloud computing. All M1 Mac mini MC2 instances feature Apple first-generation M1 processors, integrated unified memory, and all-flash SSD storage.

Compare your chargers and test results with Amperes

CrioSoft LLC has released Amperes 4.0.13, a major update to the company's information app. Amperes will display the remaining run times for different activities and the most critical information about a user's device, such as device space, memory, thermal status, network, screen and more. The new version adds functionality to submit test results to the company's online benchmark service. Scores can easily be compared with other user and device submissions. Amperes 4.0.13 is $1.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Automatically Track Running Shoe Usage With Healthy Shoes

Darkest Black Limited introduces Healthy Shoes, their new running shoe tracker for iPhone. Healthy Shoes allows anyone to automatically track how far they have run in their favorite shoes. Healthy Shoes embraces a new trend of iPhone Widgets and offers the best experience for checking shoe usage. All users need to do is continue to give their best using their choice of app to record their run. Easily add a Widget to your Home Screen and see your running shoes current stats. Or even add multiple widgets to see the progress of multiple pairs of shoes. Healthy Shoes is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

LinkOptimizer Server adds iCloud Sync

Zevrix Solutions has released LinkOptimizer Server 6.0.8, a feature update to their image workflow tool for Adobe InDesign. Based on hot folders, LinkOptimizer automates complex image manipulation tasks and allows users to reduce link size, convert images, optimize resolution and more. The app serves unlimited users on a network and combines LinkOptimizer processing with other output formats. Version 6.0.8 lets users sync settings presets via iCloud to use the same workflows on multiple Macs. LinkOptimizer Server 6.0.8 is $259.95 and can be downloaded from their Website.

iAddressX 4.0.1 Universal released for Big Sur

Tropical Software has released iAddressX 4.0.1 for macOS Big Sur. With iAddressX anyone can navigate contacts and then easily initiate various tasks, including printing of Dymo labels, dialing iPhone and/or Skype calls, sending SMS messages to Skype pals or friend's cell phone and more. Now a 64-bit only app, version 4.0.1 adds a new preferences option to dial iPhone via FaceTime, a new Maps feature, and much more. iAddressX 4.0.1 is $19.95 and can be downloaded from their Website.

Deliver Express Supports macOS Big Sur

Zevrix Solutions has released Deliver Express 2.6.19, a compatibility update to its file transfer automation solution. This useful network utility supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and other remote and local destinations. Based on hot folders, the software offers automatic email delivery notifications, file compression, upload history, instant PDF creation and more while serving unlimited users on a network. Version 2.6.19 introduces support for macOS 11 Big Sur in a free update to licensed users. Deliver Express 2.6.19 is $29.95 and can be downloaded from their Website.

Fixing FileMaker File Corruption Issues with FmPro Migrator

.com Solutions Inc. has announced a case study regarding the use of FmPro Migrator to fix file corruption problems in FileMaker Pro 19 database files. FmPro Migrator includes an automated database rebuild feature. It uses AppleScript GUI automation to automate the processing of hundreds or even thousands of FileMaker objects per hour. This feature recreates tables, fields, TOs, Relationships, value lists, custom functions, layouts and scripts. FmPro Migrator is $99 and can be downloaded from their Website.

Kitchen Timer Simplifies Tracking of Multiple Cooking Times

Stehlik & Co. Ltd. has released KitchenPad Timer 4.0.11, an important update to the company's popular stove and oven timer app for iPhone and iPad. KitchenPad Timer allows cooks to take control of their stove, oven, or grill, as well as mealtime by managing multiple cook times for their oven, stovetop, and grill. Version 4.0.11 adds several new languages, as well as performance enhancements. KitchenPad(R) Timer 4.0.11 is $2.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store.