Arcade Golf for iOS Devices with Pixel Pro Golf 1.0.2

London-based indie developer Pixamo launches Pixel Pro Golf, its exciting arcade golf game for iOS devices. The game brings together retro pixel-based graphics with an easy-to-learn interface, and realistic physics. Players can sample a few holes during a break at work, or play for hours, entering tournament after tournament. Classic gamers will love the 8-bit-like graphics, while real world golfers will be amazed by the game's true-to-life physics. Pixel Pro Golf 1.0.2 is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Creative Cloud 2021 Update to ArtOptimizer for Adobe Illustrator

Zevrix Solutions launches ArtOptimizer 3.1.9 for Adobe Illustrator, a compatibility update for the company's image processing utility for their popular vector design software. ArtOptimizer reduces the size of Illustrator links and automates complex image transformations. The app provides image format and color conversion, batch processing, settings presets, duplicate link processing, and more. The updated version adds compatibility with Illustrator and Photoshop 2021. ArtOptimizer 3.1.9 is $120 and can be downloaded from their website.

Custom Music Widgets for iOS 14 with WidgeTunes 2.0

Indie developer, Georgios Trigonakis released WidgeTunes version 2.0, including support for Home Screen widgets of iOS 14. Create multiple custom music widgets on the iPhone home screen, with WidgeTunes 2.0. On each profile you can add selected playlists, albums or single tracks. Choose from many options to give the widget the appearance you prefer, easily select grid or list layout, change background color, grayscale artwork and more. WidgeTunes 2.1.2 is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.

Search Your Browser History with BrowserHound for Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Colorado-based developer St. Clair Software launched HistoryHound 2.3, an update to their quick, effective, multi-browser tool for searching the contents of web pages and RSS feeds. HistoryHound is a personal web search. If you use multiple browsers and can't remember where you saw something, HistoryHound will find it. Version 2.3 brings refined search capabilities and support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur and Macs powered by Apple Silicon. HistoryHound 2.3 is $14.95 and can be downloaded from their website.

iAddressX 4 Update Available from Tropical Software.

Tropical Software, a Florida based developer, released iAddressX 4 for macOS. iAddressX is used to navigate contacts from a small icon in the system menu, and to initiate various tasks including printing of Dymo labels, dialing iPhone and/or Skype calls, sending SMS messages to Skype pals or friends' cell phones, and more. Now a 64-bit only app, the updated release adds a new preferences option to dial iPhone via FaceTime, a new Maps feature, and more. iAddressX 4 is $19.95 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Buildwatch for Xcode Updated to Track Build Times

Lickability updated Buildwatch for Xcode, its new developer tool for macOS. Buildwatch is a menu bar app that allows developers to track their Xcode compile times during the day. It provides developers more insight into how their time and resources are applied throughout the app development process, and serves to facilitate decisions about equipment and correct bottlenecks. Clicking the watch icon in the menu bar displays a graph that breaks down your hour, day, or week and more. Buildwatch for Xcode is $9.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Add Items to the Library From the Context Menu with PDFpen 12.2

Developer of productivity applications for Mac, iPhone and iPad, Smile, releases PDFpen and PDFpenPro 12, an updated version of its all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Users can quickly add signatures, text, and images, make changes and correct typos, OCR scanned docs, fill out forms, and more. It's simple to mark up documents with highlighting, underscoring and strikethrough. Version 12.2 features adding items to the library from the context menu, and JavaScript editing for Pro users. PDFpen Family of Products starts at $79.95 and can be downloaded from the Smile website.

Big Sur Update for KeyCue 9.8 Includes Many Enhancements

Ergonis Software launched KeyCue 9.8, an upgraded version of their productivity tool. KeyCue is an agile assistant, which presents frequently used elements on cue, such as keyboard shortcuts, local files and folders, and URL collections. Over time, KeyCue users will reflexively remember often used shortcuts and begin working more efficiently. KeyCue 9.8 is compatible with Big Sur and offers many additional enhancements. KeyCue 9.8 is EUR 19.99 (upgrades free) and can be downloaded from their website.

Creative Cloud 2021 Supported by LinkOptimizer Update

Zevrix Solutions releases LinkOptimizer 5.4.22, a compatibility update to company's workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. With LinkOptimizer, users can automatically scale and crop images to their InDesign dimensions at a specified resolution, change image formats, adjust sharpening, adjust colors, run Photoshop actions, rename links and more. The new version adds support to the recently released InDesign and Photoshop 2021, and improves the built-in support email feature. LinkOptimizer 5.4.22 is $699.95 and can be downloaded from the Zevrix website.

Logariithms Manipulative for Distance Learning with Algebra Touch

Sean Berry, Indie developer, unveils Algebra Touch 1.1 for iOS devices. Made in collaboration with Bryan Bazilauskas, Algebra Touch is a supplemental learning tool that gives students the ability to play with algebra directly. Version 1.1 reveals brand new logarithms math manipulative. This new math manipulative shows their fundamental relationship to exponents, and will help users even after passing their tests, especially in understanding graphs. Algebra Touch 1.1 is Free and can be downloaded from Download from the App Store.