WaterField Designs Celebrates its 18 Year with Signature Cargo Bag Facelift

WaterField Designs celebrates its 18th year in business with enhancements to the Cargo, its debut and signature bag. First designed by a bicycle messenger for his new more professional life, owner Gary WaterField released the Cargo in 1998 to blend the benefits of his bicycle messenger bag with the utility of a briefcase. His modernized update reflects the culmination of 18 years of customer feedback with heightened functionality and a handsome facelift.

Smile Launches TextExpander.com for Mac and iPhone

The developer of productivity applications, Smile, has launched TextExpander.com, the easy way to share snippets across a team, along with new app versions TextExpander 6 for Mac, TextExpander 4 for iPhone and iPad, and the new TextExpander for Windows beta. TextExpander keeps your snippets current on all your devices and lets you easily share and manage snippets across whole teams. New sharing options let you share the wealth of knowledge stored in your snippets. TextExpander is Free for iPhone and can be downloaded from iTunes.

The App Developers - New Scheme Making Social Apps Accessible to Startup

The App Developers have launched an exciting new program set to make social networking apps easy and affordable for Britain's growing legion of small businesses and start-ups. "Social for Everyone" is the innovative new scheme which allows start-ups to reap the benefits of their very own social app in the mould of Uber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram or Tinder, with full customisation options so that businesses can personalise these apps as an extension of their brand.

Easy Spending Expense Tracker Updated with Automatic Backup

Tekton Technologies releases Easy Spending Expense Tracker 4.7.4, a major update to their daily expense manager for iOS devices. Easy Spending was designed for its convenience and ease-of-use on the iPhone, and now updated with a beautiful UI and Automatic Backup feature to protect all your financial data. Income, expense, and cash flow tracking is effortless with the nicely spaced out layout & bold fonts. Transactions can be emailed, as well as uploaded to a Google Drive account. Easy Spending Expense Tracker is $1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Rendezvous Appointment Book - Now a Universal App for iOS

Rendezvous Enterprises releases Rendezvous Appointment Book 2.0, an update to their popular productivity app developed for iOS devices. Now a Universal app, Rendezvous Appointment Book offers an effortless way to create and manage appointments for businesses that serve many clients a day. Appointment reminders can be directly sent by email from the iPad. Plus, complete client and appointment data is synced between the iPad and iPhone and backed up to iCloud or iTunes. Rendezvous Appointment Book is $9.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Balloons Ninja 2.0 released for iOS

Space Crescent LLC releases Balloons Ninja 2.0, an update to their fun-to-play arcade game developed for iOS. Survive the wave of balloonsI In this new challenge, players help Sho to master the Balloons Ninjutsu and to become a true balloon ninja warrior in Japan. You do that by jumping from one balloon to another. You must break the record of the previous Ninjas. Version 2.0 fixes the timer speed, and players can now see their hero when he is outside the of the screen. Balloons Ninja is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Galaxy Run 2 - Endless Loop - Twist and Run in Space

Spiel Studios is proud to announce the up-and-coming release of Galaxy Run 2 - Endless Loop, the new sequel to its immensely popular franchise. Galaxy Run 2 takes forward the one-tap gameplay from its predecessor and converts it into a 3D Endless Runner with rotating and twisting platforms. In Galaxy Run 2, players need to help get Rez and his new found friends home. Tap to Jump between platforms and run as far as you can to compete with your friends. Available this Thursday, April 7th.

Reggie Ashworth releases updated AppDelete Uninstall Anything

Reggie Ashworth announces AppDelete 4.2.5, an update to his popular application deletion utility for Mac OS X. With a simple Drag & Drop, AppDelete will uninstall anything along with all of the associated items. Mac users will no longer have to hunt through their system to find and delete these items manually. AppDelete is a must-have utility for beta testers and casual users alike, and the perfect companion to any Mac fanatic's toolbox. AppDelete is $7.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Your Movie Assistant AlertFilm is now available on the App Store

AlertFilm Ltd. announces AlertFilm 1.3.1, an update to their popular movie discovery app developed for iOS devices. AlertFilm makes discovering and enjoying streaming content simple by combining all the content from all the streaming platforms. With AlertFilm, the goal is to create an experience that is essential and enjoyable for the modern consumer, an everyday app that is as compelling and immersive as your favourite movie. Version 1.3.1 fixes a very minor bug. AlertFilm is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Eltima releases Newest version of its File Manager Commander One

Eltima Software announces Commander One 1.5, the latest version of their dual-panel file manager for Mac OS X. Apart from file management functionality, the app features a built-in FTP and WebDAV clients, allows mounting Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Amazon S3 accounts, accessing data on iOS and Android devices, supports multiple archive formats, and more. Version 1.5 is more stable, much faster and has a number of additional features and improvements.