Caidanshuo for iOS - Instantly Translates English Menus to Chinese

Creekcats LLC releases Caidanshuo 2.5, their English to Chinese menu translator for iOS devices. Caidanshuo displays each line of the original menu with the translation immediately below it. This offers Chinese travelers an easy way to order food while visiting English-speaking countries. Anyone can simply take a photo of a menu, crop it, and then tap "Translate." The results are then displayed, with each line of the original menu immediately followed by its translation for easy ordering. Caidanshuo is $1.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Chords and Scales updated for iOS - Popular Music Composer

Janis Kirsteins announces Chords and Scales 2.0, an update to the interactive chord, scale and chord progression reference and song composer developed for iOS devices. Chords and Scales lets you explore chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in intuitive and interactive way. Version 2.0 introduces the all-new song composer, as well as has been redesigned to have better looking and higher performance user interface. Chords and Scales is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Qbserve - Automatic Private Time Tracker for OS X

QotoQot releases Qbserve 1.2, an automatic private time tracker for Mac OS X. Qbserve knows productivity rates for thousands of sites and apps and has a unique ability to differentiate between chats in Skype, Slack, and Telegram, YouTube videos, and subreddits. All the tracked information is stored privately on the user's machine. Qbserve offers many useful features, including flexible tracking settings, dynamic dock & menu bar icons, detailed feedback charts, alerts for goals, and reminders. Qbserve is $30.00 and can be downloaded from their website.

Upload Meta Info for 20 Blu-ray Discs and Get 35% Coupon from DVDFab

Fengtao Software announces another round of its Meta Info Uploading campaign, encouraging users worldwide, especially those 30-day trial version users, to upload and share the Meta information of their Blu-ray discs with the entire DVDFab community. In return, each participant making 20 or more uploads during this round of the campaign can receive 35% coupon, which can be used while purchasing any product from the company. The campaign starts today, and lasts till May 30.

EarthDesk 7 includes earthquakes and other real-time data

Xeric Design releases EarthDesk 7, a major update to its award-winning, real-time dynamic desktop map. EarthDesk replaces your static desktop with an image of the Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination, as well as real-time cloud coverage. A data subscription offers additional real-time information including earthquakes and named storms, allowing you to visualize hurricanes and other real-time events on your Macintosh desktop. EarthDesk is $24.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Your Car Wont Tell You What's Wrong - Find Out Yourself with Car Doctor

PNN Soft releases OBD Car Doctor 1.8.2, an update to their easy-to-use iOS app. OBD Car Doctor connects to any vehicle's on-board diagnostic computer using OBD-II via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, regardless the car communication protocol, brand or model. Users can directly read diagnostic trouble codes, freeze frame diagnostics, reset trouble codes, show fuel economy, record car parameters while driving, as well as save daily driving statistics for further analysis. Version 1.8.2 fixes minor bugs. OBD Car Doctor is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Deliver Express on BundleHunt Spring Bundle

Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver Express, its automatic file transfer solution is available on software discount site BundleHunt as part of its Spring Bundle. Using the site's unique discount concept, users can purchase Deliver Express as part of a bundle of 10 top rated apps for $22 only. Deliver Express sends files automatically from watched hot folders with automatic email notifications and supports FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV, Google Storage and other major services. Deliver Express is $22.00 and can be downloaded from their website.

Macphun offers discount with its new Creative Kit XXL bundle

MacPhun launches Creative Kit XXL, a bundle of MacPhun's 6 award-winning photo editing applications, combined with more than 40 various e-books, training materials, presets and photo-related apps, saving buyers 93% of the regular price. The bundle contains Macphun's 6 best-selling apps, including Noiseless, Intensify, Tonality, Snapheal, Focus and FX Photo Studio. The Creative Kit XXL bundle is meant to meet every need of even the most sophisticated photography fan.

Battery Share - Know when your contacts are running low on power

Stonelight Pictures announces Battery Share 1.0.3, a new utility for iOS 9 devices. Battery Share gives you a final opportunity to contact your friends or loved ones before their phone dies. By getting notifications when your friend's battery is low, you can make last contact before their phone runs out of power. The app features simple privacy controls, with VoIP calling. Version 1.0.3 introduces 3D Touch support with nice performance optimizations. Battery Share is $0.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Artboard 2 - The Graphic Design App for Creative People

Mapdiva releases Artboard 2.0 for Mac OS X, a full-featured drawing software to create crisp vector graphics and layered illustrations. Positioned as an alternative to more complicated and expensive vector drawing software, Artboard 2 puts quality graphic design tools squarely within reach of new and experienced creatives. Overflowing with new features and a tidy user interface, its speed and responsiveness are complemented by smart techniques for interacting with drawing objects. Artboard is $29.99 and can be downloaded from their website.