Artes Electronics releases NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 for iOS

Easily find a suspicious mole in 20 seconds from the comfort of your home! Artes Electronics has released NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 for iOS and Android, an app to help diagnose skin cancer/melanoma at home. NOTA Mole Tracker allows you to detect the slightest changes in moles, as well as quickly making the decision about seeking a diagnosis from a dermatologist. NOTA measurements are absolutely safe, and can be used when measuring moles in children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Engineering and scientific work was carried out for three years. When measuring nevi, the bioimpedance method is used, which has been approved by the FDA as a non-invasive method for diagnosing skin cancer. This means that the result of the application can be used as a second opinion when consulting with a doctor and insist on a biopsy if the doctor doubts or does not want to do it. Thanks to the stylish and easy-to-use application, your moles will be under control. NOTA Mole Tracker 1.09.3 is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.



Duc   2 months ago
Really good stuff!

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