Hellrule released on iPhone

Pedrocorp has released Hellrule for iPhone, a 2D auto-runner action platformer videogame with a horror setting. Hellrule offers simple fun, without the hassle of F2P or pay-to-win genres. Hellrule is an auto-runner in terms of mechanics, a game where the hero is running by default. The game draws inspiration from the old Castlevanias, Ghosts and Goblins, and other games in its genre, while adding some modern features, such as 3D-like graphics with lighting effects. It's a game anyone can play at any time.

Hellrule contains a set of carefully designed levels, each of which has a differentiated personality and proposes a different challenge. Some improvements have been made for the iPhone release, with the addition of retro mode. The retro mode is a setting that can be enabled and disabled at any time during gameplay, which makes the game look as a 70's or 80's 8-bit game viewed on a CRT screen. This mode, as well as the other enhancements, has also been ported to the Android version of the game. Hellrule is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.