Dejal Time Out 2.8 Released

Dejal has released Time Out 2.8, an update to their popular break reminder app for macOS. Time Out sits in the background and tracks the last time you took a break. At regular intervals, it reminds you to take a short respite from current tasks. You can take the time to stand, stretch, and move around a bit, in order to get refreshed. You can also schedule both long and short breaks, offering flexibility for your own personal preference.

Version 2.8 features a new option to end a break early, the ability to postpone breaks instead of skip them with app exclusions, support for Do Not Disturb for exclusions, a choice to show the time since the last break in the status item, support controlling the app via URL schemes, a new LCD Digital Clock theme, and much more. It also offers several break themes, which use web standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so you can customize themes as you wish. Themes can also make use of local web pages, or even pages from sites on the internet, so the amount of customization available is almost unlimited. Time Out 2.8 is Free and can be downloaded from their Website.