Network Toolbox released for macOS

Creating Your App has released Network Toolbox, their new all-in-one networking utility for macOS computers. Network Toolbox allows anyone to analyze and maintain their private or public networks, detecting security issues and improper configurations. The app features over 40 convenient networking-related utilitys, providing features that are only possible on the macOS desktop environment. It provides in-depth information about a user's internal and public networks, integrating network scanners, as well as various terminal, network analysis, and network exploration utilitys.

The Mac version of the app allows displaying of MAC addresses, a real WiFi scanner, and even a connections utility. The Mac app also fully takes advantage of desktop Mac features, including the presence of a mouse and physical keyboard, and much more screen real estate to work with. By using the app's network inventory utility users can maintain their network assets to keep an overview of their network. Multiple login credentials can be maintained for each network device. All information is always stored with strong encryption and an optional user definable password. Network Toolbox features Touch ID support when available. Network Toolbox is $49.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.