Sweep Mines for Water Promoition

LITE Games teams up with the NGO Viva con Agua and created an exclusive theme bundle for Minesweeper World, their mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Minesweeper World aims to be the right game for all friends of board and puzzle games. You can choose different themes and give the game your own look, as well as customize its rules and controls. If you like brain teasers and challenging puzzles, you'll love this game. Challenge friends to beat your best time.

Starting on World Water Day, March 22nd, for a limited time the bundle is available within the game as a Shop Special. With the purchase of the Special you'll get the exclusive theme plus 1k in- game-rubies for an incredible price. Plus: you'll help people in need. in addtion to the excluisve VcA theme, you'll get 1,000 gems (which you can spend on protective vests, hints or more visual gadgets) for just a fiver. LITE Games donates the full earnings from this Shop Special to NGO Viva con Agua to support water projects around the world.


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