Shaderific 5.2 releaed for iOS

Gryphos GmbH rolls out Shaderific 5.2, a major update of the company's OpenGL ES shader development app for iOS. Shaderific helps computer science students and experienced developers to get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 3.0 shader development. The app makes it possible to write, compile and test shader programs directly on any iOS device without ever touching a laptop or desktop computer. It streamlines the process of prototyping, testing and debugging shaders immensely by cutting the cord to the personal computer.

Version 5.2 adds improved import functionality thus allowing access to a wide variety of storage providers. This includes local device storage, iCloud and third-party storage providers. The custom color picker has been replaced with the iOS color picker providing a beautiful and consistent interface for all color settings. Support for dark mode is now an integrated part of the editor themes and the tint color has been added to the customization options. Shaderific 5.2 is $19 bucks and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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