Super Awesome Mix released for iOS

Super Awesome Mix LLC has released Super Awesome Mix, their new iOS app. Super Awesome Mix is a celebration of music, mix tapes, and the story telling power of creating mixes for one another. It is all about bringing back the creativity and constraints that went into generating the perfect mix for anyone to enjoy, and to capturing the shared soundtrack between two or more people. Version 1.0 walks users through the key flow for creating and sending a mix, with additional premium features to be added soon.

You can easily name the mix, add a playlist image, introductory note, review and your good to go. Titles can be up to the length of the a cassette case, then choose from a growing library of illustrations to act as cover art for the mix. Add an introductory note to the general mix then review and lock your mix. And not unlike any cassette tape, once locked the mix cannot be changed. It will live as a shared memory between you, friends and family. Super Awesome Mix 1.0 is Free and can be downloaded from the App Store.