FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.7 released for macOS

Softobe has released FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.7, their popular utility to sync and backup on macOS. FoldersSynchronizer allows you to sync and backup files, folders, disks and boot disks. FoldersSynchronizer lets you sync and backup files, folders, disks and boot disk. It allows you to organize your sync and backup in several sessions and to save your settings to a file for a later reuse. On each session you can apply special options like Timers, Multiple Folders, Filters, Exclude Items, File Copy Preview, Auto-Mount local and remote volumes, launch your own AppleScripts, set how to resolve conflicts, and so much more.

FoldersSynchronizer can execute incremental or exact backups/sync and lets you specify global settings like whether it should display a preview panel listing all the files FS is going to copy, replace and delete. Version 5.1.7 grants several new features and improvements and is a recommended update for all customers. New feature highlights include optimisation to run on Big Sur, bug fixes and graphic issues. This version is compatible with macOS 10.13 or higher. Successfully tested on macOS 10.15 Catalina and macOS 11.2 Big Sur. You can find more information on the Softobe web site. FoldersSynchronizer 5.1.7 is just 30.00 and can be downloaded from their Website.


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