Kinemac 2.0.4 Released For macOS

Softobe rolls out Kinemac 2.0.4, an update to their popular real-time 3D animation software for macOS. Kinemac allows anyone to easily create 3D and 2D animations with the utmost simplicity. It uses great technologies such as AVFoundation to manage video and audio files and to smoothly export your animations to a movie file. Kinemac is easy and intuitive too. Just drag your images, texts, movies, songs, vectorial logo and OBJ 3D models onto the Kinemac stage and get them within your animation. You can also use the built-in objects as cubes, cylinders, spheres, tubes, pies, rectangles, disks, 2D and 3D Text and animate your actors with a pair of keyframes.

Kinemac 2.0.4 is now a 64 bit application for macOS 10.13 and later. The app comes with a new look and feel, new icons and GUI, and it's tuned up to run on macOS Catalina, Big Sur, Retina displays, in light and dark mode. Version 2.0.4 features several new features and improvements, including a new option Dancing Floor to quickly create 70s' style dancing floor rectangles, as well as a new Join Obj Surfaces option to join the homogeneous surfaces of the OBJ objects. Within the Inspector/Parameters panel, there is also a new Slides option, a new Sprite Ruler Unthe company's popup menu, and so much more. Kinemac 2.0.4 is $99.00 and can be downloaded from their Website.