ChronoSync and ChronoAgent Updated for Big Sur

Econ Technologies, Inc. has released both ChronoSync and ChronoAgent for macOS 11, Big Sur. ChronoSync is the multipurpose Mac app for local and cloud backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing. ChronoAgent is the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync. ChronoAgent runs on the destination Mac and connects directly to ChronoSync on the source Mac. The ChronoSync to ChronoAgent connection provides a direct, high performance, and encrypted connection.

ChronoAgent version 4.9.12 introduces the new Data Volume-Only backup to keep all user Home Folders safely backed up. ChronoAgent is the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync. Problems such as changes in alias resolution and APFS target identification under Big Sur have been addressed. Also, the Bootable Backup Setup Assistant better guides users to the Big Sur Bootable Backup Tech Note. Other changes in this release improve stability and reliability, correct some cosmetic glitches under Big Sur, and fix some minor bugs. ChronoSync is $49.99.


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