ArtOptimizer for Illustrator Is Available on New Adobe Exchange

Zevrix Solutions releases ArtOptimizer, the company's workflow automation solution for Adobe Illustrator, is now available on Adobe Exchange, a new and improved Creative Cloud marketplace. Adobe Exchange makes it easier for customers to discover and install third party plug-ins for Creative Cloud. ArtOptimizer can automatically reduce the size of Illustrator links and performs essential image adjustments thus helping users save disk space, speed up file output and cut production costs. ArtOptimizer is $119.95 and can be downloaded from their website.

AirBeamTV launches Mirror to Windows PC for iOS

AirBeamTV announces Mirror to Windows PC (v1.0), a new iOS app for screen mirroring from iOS devices to Microsoft PCs. The Mirror to PC app is the first app to allow for wireless screen mirroring, without the need to install an additional receiver application on the PC. Mirror to Windows PC is perfect for those who want to share family photos and videos with friends and for those presenting mobile content at a larger screen during a business meeting. Mirror to Windows PC (v1.0) is $4.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

On World Emoji Day, KeyCue 9 reinvents emoji typing - On Sale

Did you know that July 17th is World Emoji Day? Ergonis Software announces that this is also the release date of KeyCue 9, which revolutionizes input of emoji characters. While the online community loves emojis, people become more and more frustrated about the confusing multitude of slightly different emojis, which makes it tedious to choose and type the right one. This is where KeyCue 9 comes to help. KeyCue 9 shows a table of all available emoji characters and lets you insert any emoji with a click.

KeyCue 9 reinvents emoji typing

Ergonis Software announces KeyCue 9.0, a brand new major version of the company's highly acclaimed keyboard shortcut learning tool, which now includes a slick emoji picker and more. KeyCue has been helping Mac users to learn and use keyboard shortcuts for almost 15 years now. Today, with the new major version 9, KeyCue goes a step further and adds great new features for exploring and typing emojis, quickly accessing folder contents, and many other enhancements. KeyCue 9.0 is EUR 19.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

MoneyWiz - The First Finance App to Include Support for Crypto

SilverWiz LLC announces MoneyWiz 3, an important update to their popular personal finance app for iOS. MoneyWiz 3 - Fiat & Crypto allows users to manage all of their financial accounts, budgets, and bills in one place offering a seamless flow of financial data. Now, the worlds smartest finance app has proven its even smarter by becoming the first and only personal finance app to include crypto holdings and Forex accounts. MoneyWiz 3 - Fiat & Crypto is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

24U SimpleHasp Plug-In 2.0 for the FileMaker 17 Platform

24U announces 24U SimpleHasp Plug-In 2.0 for the FileMaker 17. 24U SimpleHASP Plug-In allows FileMaker developers to secure their solutions with hardware keys, protecting their data and intellectual property in a simple yet powerful way. This plug-in uses Sentinel HL USB dongles which serve as strong encryption keys, secure data storage, and a copy-protected user and/or license identification. Version 2.0 supports 64-bit FileMaker Pro and Pro Advanced. 24U SimpleHasp Plug-In 2.0 is $79 and can be downloaded from their website.

Incoming! Goblins Attack - Gaming for the Amazon Rainforest

Xyrality donates 50% of all revenues from its game title Incoming! Goblins Attack TD 2.0.0 to protect the rainforest. Incoming! Goblins Attack is a free tower defense game with fantastic 3d comic graphics. Players defend themselves against hordes of onrushing monsters in 160 levels. Defense towers can be upgraded and also improved during battle to anticipate the enemies' tactics. Players support their defense with magic spells against the various attacks of the mean creeps. Incoming! Goblins Attack TD 2.0.0 is Free and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Oilist 2.0 for iOS - Acclaimed Painting App

3DTOPO Inc. releases Oilist 2.0, a major update to their acclaimed painting app for iOS devices. Oilist was designed to automatically generate unique and original works of art based on photos supplied by a user. It analyzes the image using computer vision technology, then paints simulated paint particles that are applied with various brush strokes and techniques. Version 2.0 adds 47 styles based on neural networks, each with three user selectable levels of abstraction, and much much more. Oilist 2.0 is $2.99 and can be downloaded from iTunes.

DriveDx 1.8.1 for Mac - Protect from Data Loss and Downtime

BinaryFruit announces the availability of DriveDx 1.8.1, its latest solution for SSD and HDD health diagnostics and monitoring. As macOS does not have a comprehensive drive health indicator, DriveDx fills a critical role in measuring the overall health of both SSD and HDD drives. Because DriveDx tracks more indicators of impending failure than any other product on the market, users will get an advanced warning before their drives fail. DriveDx 1.8.1 is $19.99 and can be downloaded from their website.

Output Factory Server Can Save Page Groups as PDF Files

Zevrix Solutions releases Output Factory Server 2.18, a feature update to company's output automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Output Factory Server automates printing and exporting from InDesign by processing files from hot folders. The software offers layer versioning, preflighting, PDF security presets and much more. The new version lets users export specific InDesign page sequences as single PDF files (for example, every 2 pages, 3 pages etc.), and improves processing IDML files. Output Factory Server 2.18 is $699.95 and can be downloaded from their website.